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30 November 2002 Aberfoyle run report
29 March 2003 Village Inn, Arrochar run report
31 May 2003 Inverbeg, Loch Lomond run report
21 June 2003 Tayvallich Saturday Run. The Underwater MASS.
Report to follow.
19 July 2003 Glasgow 950th and MASS. The MASS Ballbreaker.
30 August 2003 The Short Trail. The trail was unremarkable.
29 November 2003 East Dumbartonshire. T.B.A.
30 October 2004 Blane Valley Inn, Strathblane
29 January 2005 Frenich, Burns Supper Run


A message from Brown Bottle

Who are we

Mid Argyle Swamp Skiers Hash House Harriers (or MASS H3 for short) are Central Scotland based.

We are made up of members of Trossachs, Glasgow, FACAF and other H3 kennels.

Our MASS History

When do you r*n

The fifth Saturday of every month with five Saturdays.

We are also often asked to set trails for other H3s weekend events to cover their Saturday runs (though we tend to tone down the swamp skiing and path avoidance for these).

Examples of this include Trossachs' Mid Argyle weekend (Tayvallich) 2001 and Glasgow Isle of Arran (900th) 2002.

What time

Noon sharp

Describe the trails

Generally live hare, of around an hour duration in winter and longer in summer. They definitely fall into the "Hazard" category of H3 trails. There is an anti tarmac ethos. This has led on several occasions to ingenious and uncomfortable use of culverts and rivers.

Predominantly wet and muddy, though barren moorland has also featured on one occasion (though the hare was lucky as the pack got caught in a blizzard and as such did not escape unscathed).

The Circle

Much more a traditional name, honour and shame rather than a "Jakarta Circle". i.e. MASS circles are short, quick, effective and entertaining. Being the West of Scotland if the RA is boring, longwinded or even just not quite on form they will be pillared and the circle will end.

No ice is used, probably plenty on the trail, and why waste money on ice when you can buy more beer.


Previous suppliers include Arran Brewery, Fyne Ales, Houston Brewery and Kelburn Brewery.


MASS H3 does not have a mismanagement.

The hare of the previous run is the GM, RA, ON SEC, PRO and Hare Razor for the next one. This, therefore, eliminates most of the autocratic bureaucratic elements of organization.

How do you spell Argyll

We cannot agree either.

Site Owner

See above article on mismanagement. Webhamster is previous hare!

Last fed April 2005
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