Inverbeg Inn, Loch Lomond

Date 31 May 2003
Location Inverbeg Inn, Loch Lomond
Hares Tight Beaver & Bodypump
Weather Too dry and way too sunny!

The Event

In order to minimise tarmac and hardtop the hares craftily started the trail by setting flour through a hedge and across some cottage gardens thence across the mighty Beg.

The trail followed, closely followed, ocht in and oot the Beg up stream where the hares made excellent use of that peculiar Trossachs' feature the 45° shiggy.

Much sliding down extreme riverside slopes and scrambling though unmanaged woodland ensued until we found ourselves back on the southside of the Beg on some moorland a few hundred metres above that river. The views across the loch to Ben Lomond were spectacular, as was the descent into the river and up the other side.

We were then faced with our first barbed wire of the day. The hares had thoughtfully set the trail via a place where the fence had been undercut. Tight Beaver stood by and hauled the fence up a bit more, Oink commando like scrambled underneath, round Tight Beaver and back under again. This caused much confusion and I think you had to be there.....

The pack had now split into packs (two thereof). With Bodypump minding those of a hill running persuasion like Milky Bar Kid, Muff Diver and Tubthumper, whilst the Old School of Oink, Hughiee Blaaghr and Tight Beaver added "features" as the trail progressed.

The trail reached some hardtop and this caused much confusion as flour could be seen the other side of the single track road. The pack could find no obvious way of avoiding it. Then Tight Beaver broke into a sprint and jumped the 8' to the muddy stream beyond. Honour redeemed the packs continued.

The trail collapsed down the hillside bashing through some thick forest following the muddy course of a stream. We levelled off to the north of the Inn coming through some excellent shiggy in a horse field.

The FRB pack then headed to the rivermouth/loch to swim off the mud, the "Old School" swam in the river up stream of the rest and the sewage outlet!

It was a lovely sunny day so the Inn refused to serve food outside!

I am sure James the Eng did something but I cannot remember what!

Hughiee Blaaaghrr

September 2003