Date 30 October 2004
Location Blane Valley Inn, Strathblane
Hares Bodypump, Tight Beaver
Advert You won't get a better opportunity to build up a thirst before the Glasgow Hash AGPU on Saturday evening.
Attendance A damp feeling day but a very large pack of mainly Glasgow refugees.

The Event

Trial started across the road and down the back lane from the Inn. Careered down and down and across the river the pact went to the first check

Much confusion and checking back to the village of Blanefield left to Strathblane ahead to Milngavie and a few along the side of the river and up the wet and muddy bank ON ON.

A cunning circuitous route across the levy and throughout the floodplain ensued followed by a quick climb up to the (disused) railway track. Ah hah ha On to the north we cantered the pressure between our feet and the hardcore of the track squeezing the water out of our socks and trainers.

To the Carbeth road we came and headed up the hill towards the muir. At this point we were caught by OINK! and by Kipper and Co.

Up the hill we went through wet wet bracken into the woods through mud more mud and a cheeky complex check.

The pack blundered on through the trees following the ridge southwards to a check on a promontory overlooking the twin villages of Strathblane and Blanefeild. Down we searched only to find the trail leading west deep into the forest and across stream and bog before coming out on a path that may or may not have been the West Highland Way (not I think). South we headed again the pack being drawn out by respective speed past Rob Roys stane and then just by a spinney the trail turned downhill through the horses field back into the town and ON IN.

Damp underfoot, plenty of mud, warming soup and optional rivers. A good hearty appetizer for the GH3 agpu in the Bon Accord and curry at Panjea

Fine show what!

Hughie Blaaaghr, Spring 2005